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Hey guys, new to this forum because im sure the folks here can give me better advice then most people could.

Long story short I'm close to buying a 1991 1g Eagle Talon TSI AWD. Its being sold close-ish to me for 3,000 cad (2200USD). Currently it has 190,xxx km.
However at that price it has some issues and that's why vie come to this forum, looking for opinions on this car. Currently, it doesn't have injectors or an ECU. New injectors will set me back around 100$ and a ECU a bit more. The car does have some mods, listed as hks 264 cams, greddy timing belt with new oem tensioner, upgraded sway bars, hks cat back. I'm looking for some opinions on this car and how long you guys think id need to put the new parts in and get the car driving so I can buy it as going to the town its in will be a few hour trip for me.
I figured the DSM forum would be the best place. I have several mechanics in the family but none of them know much about them.
Currently I own a foxbody mustang and work on that myself to good success, however I'm aware a DSM will be very different and probably much more confusing to someone with a low-moderate amount of car knowledge.
Any feedback is good feedback. Ill attach some photos.
So, TLDR wondering if this car is a bargain or a nightmare.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts