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The AEM customer service department can help you find the right air intake or dry-flow air filter for your vehicle. They are there to answer any questions you have so feel free to contact them. You can email your questions to [email protected] or call 800-992-3000 between 6AM and 4:30PM Pacific Monday-Friday.

AEMIntakes.com is our website with the latest cold air intake releases.

If you are already using AEM Intakes or Air Filters please let us know how our products are performing for you by completing the AEM Feedback form.

Yesterday we posted a new AEM video of highly modified vehicles from the Nokturnal Car Club at the DUB Magazine D-Day in San Bernardino, California.

Below is a quick link to all AEM Air Intakes by make. Pictures and instructions are linked when you choose an intake.
Mitsubishi Eclipse Air Intakes
Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Air Intakes
Eagle Talon Air Intakes

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Ahh.. good ol Orange Show. Had a car stolen from there once.
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