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is using an afc easy...what is the best brand, this seems complicated to use and tune with, then again, thats why im here....also, will this controll the air and fuel going into the car......and where do i put it...ive seen other osts but everyone seems to know what these are so i dont bother to ask, can some one help me....and yes i have read things about these in other threads, but thats why im confused....
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Apex'i makes the S-AFC II (there were 2 previous models that did the same basics but are only available used anymore). Other companies such as HKS made similar units, but in my experiance the S-AFC from Apex'i seems to be the standard.

What this unit does is intercept and tweak the air to fuel mixture to allow for larger injector/fuel set ups. It does this on the unit by adding or subtracting fuel at various (user selectable) RPM points on a -50 -0- 50 scale. It's user friendly, you just have to know enough to know why you're adjusting where, and have the other tools needed to tell you that information.

thanks.....that helps, by other tools needed, you mean gauges right?....where do afc's plug in or to?
A boost gauge is a must. EGT gauge is good. Wide band 02 is nice. and either a dyno or pocket logger.

It hooks up to the wire harness that plugs into the ecu. Around 5-8 wires dont remember exactely.

I have one for sale in perfect cond. if you are interested. All the paperwork and installation mani. inc. $150.
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