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Air cleaner mods

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I removed the snout on the air cleaner and the cloth star shaped piece in the top. Now, can I remove the 2 round barrels next to the MAF? Here's a pic of what i'm talking about: http://img419.imageshack.us/my.php?image=img16779hq.jpg
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Why are you doing this? Have you looked at the vfaq? What kind of mods and tuning fuel tuning do you have? can you take a pic of the "star cloth thing" (I hope you don't mean the filter)?

P.S. give it more than 2 hours before you bump, in fact you should never bump
I know what your talking about... The white cloth at the top of the intake that is closest to the intake pipe but in the filter canister. I wouldn't remove it. My buddy did that to his n/a dsm and it idled like sh*t. He showed it to me and it looks like it has a little wire hooked up to it...censor...but do what you got to do. If you mess it up, they have junkyards.
I think he is talking about the silencer. 1G ? Turbo?
The silencer would be the star thing he's talking about i assume. There on both turbo and N/A dsm's.
get a K&N and just do away with the canister all together.
Laser_8822 said:
I Now, can I remove the 2 round barrels next to the MAF?
No, you would then be dramatically increasing the amount of unmetered air going into your engine, which would be of no real benefit.
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