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alarm with remote start for '93 Eclipse

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I found several alarms with 2-way pagers and remote start for manual transmission cars.

It looks like most of them are tach sensing or 'tach learning' which I've always heard is better than tachless to avoid overcranking.

I need to solve the mystery of the power door locks, so I was wondering if anyone here has wired thier own alarm and sucessfully connected to the factory power locks.

I have spliced into the br/wt and the br/bl wiring at the lock relay, but it seems like it does the same as the passengers door and won't completely unlock or lock either door. I found those color codes here: 1990-93 Mitsubishi Eclipse Alarm Information

alternatively: http://www.the12volt.com/installbay...=Mitsubishi&model=Eclipse&ID=18456&type=Alarm

I would assume it's easier to just pull the driver's door paneling and work with the master lock switch.

If anyone has anything to share at all, it will be much appreciated! I will be ordering a full featured alarm system very soon and will post details of works out ok and what doesn't...
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I'm thinking of ordering this:


Ultra Start U4561M-XR 2way Remote Starter with Alarm (Manual Transmission)
Already on it's way..I'll keep you all posted.
If you are going for the master switch in the driver's door, make sure to not burn it out when doing the unlock, lock feature. The quickest way to avoid it is to use a diode for unlock and one for lock. Your best bet is to stick to what the 12volt.com tells you to do.

Have a great day!!
yes be carefull inside the door n make sure to use the rite resistance on ur diode i didnt have to use any mine worked fine r u tryin to getem to unlock separetly
All of this crap is still in the box...it's been cold and there are other issues to deal with but it will get done at some point.

I have the diodes and I will be adding some more relays and a magnetic nuetral safety switch.

Right now I have:

front ball joints/tie rods, door pin switches, washer motor, then the alram, then the stereo!
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