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I'm not sure if any of you guys / gals are really into Lemans racing, but I have been watching a few races here and there (mainly from a little while ago).

And I was just surprised to see Ferrari back on top in some of the races.. The 575M I beleive is the new car they introduced into Lemans, looks like a great competitor, it actually has won a few races, and placed in some good ranks in the last little while.

Just wondering, how would you put Lemans drivers (skill) vs lets say F1 Drivers / Rally Drivers. I mean some of these le mans drivers / le mans cars have serious power / serious speed, and at times race the entire day (night time and such).

PS.... Most people dont think Turbo car's perform will with long endurance races, but the 993 (911 twin turbo) is just simply incredible in the race.
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