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I am now on the lookout for a '90 AWD that I can "borrow" locally for an hour or so to try the ECU we currently have in my car in a "known-good" car to see if the problem surfaces there too. If anyone has any friends in or around the South Bend/Mishawaka/Elkhart/Niles area in Indiana/Michigan, I'll offer a $50 reward to them if they can drop by my buddies house for a little bit (first come first served, obviously). I can be reached on my cell at 574.333.6817.

I would just buy a new ECU but I've already bought one that may be flaky and I don't feel like spending more on another one if it's going to have the same issue so this would definitely help us pinpoint the issue. I understand this is a weird request but hopefully someone out there can lend a brother a hand. The link to my post with the full explanation of what all we've tried is here:


Thanks a ton for anyone who can help!
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