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Full name: Paul Portuese

PayPal email address:
[email protected]

Chicago, IL

Description of Services/good Offered:
Can't do SS -6an or 8an assembly lines? I can. I have the tools that make it really easy. If you have black 6an lines it's a walk in the park. Typically takes me about 5minutes each fitting if that.
I don't have a flat jaw in my vice as of yet, so it might make a scratch or two, but I try my hardest to keep the fittings wrapped up. You can't even notice any of the flaws on any of mine.

Typical Turnaround time:

You pay shipping BOTH ways and give me $5 per fitting assembled, I think is a cheap price.
I can do -6 and -8, never tried anything else.

For inexpensive parts check out www.jdaent.com
These are mine:

-8an (not fully tightened yet)

And you can see my -6an on my car.
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