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Hey. Is the person who runs at.dsm.org ever going to update it?
One thing that's wrong with it is you can't even login to edit your page, or atleast I can't. When I click 'login' it just gives me some funky coding on a page that makes me so mad I just want to go out and pound somebody like I did to Spinx! And it has been like that for months; possibly over a year.
IMO, it makes us look kinda bad if the page is so outdated. It would help people take us A/T guys more seriously if we had an awesome looking website or were atleast able to update our member pages. I know somebody who would be willing to work on it. I tried contacting the person who runs the page a long long time ago but got no response.

Any ideas or suggestions? Does anyone know the person who is running it? Anyone want to see if we can get some more people added as a moderators to it so they can work on revising it? I know my friend could help, he's good with websites.

I gotta go take my Zoloft now. :mad:
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