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ATR 1g 3" down pipe

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i have an ATR 3" downpipe in great shape its 3" maderl bent im askking 200$
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i think this guy screwd some people over....look for the other thread
that guy got his damn down pipe he payed with paypal if you didnt get something and you payed with paypal wouldnt you have filed a clame yeah he didnt cuzz he knows he got it.
its also for a fwd and give me your email addy ill send you pics its 3" mandrel bent
Ya, but I dont think he'd warn everyone else about you, if he got it... If your the type of person that steals, your not going to give a shit about anyone else. He clearly is warning people on how not, to loose their money~ PS Paypals recovery program is complete BS. It's more of a hassle to file a claim, knowing they dont do shit about it! And , And , And, Why do you have another one to sell ? Just curious, My 2 cents anyway!
cuzz i sold him my 2.5 inch buscher to buy this one 3"atr and now i dont need it
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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