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What is up with the automatic refresh? I left my computer to get a soda, and come back and all the light bulbs showing threads with updates since I was last here are out!

Can you get ride of the auto refresh please?



Hi Keith,

That's the one scenario that makes the auto refresh an inconvenience. The main forums page refreshes every five minutes... and if you are away from your desk for more than one cycle, you loose some light bulbs.

I don't know how many people are benefiting from it... I added it because of a DSMtalker's request. Before I go into the script code again to take it back out, I'll take a quick poll to see if anyone wants it. If no one responds... I'll just get rid of it as you asked since obviously then, no one really cares about it. I'll make a seperate post to get feedback. So, hold on Keith, we'll see what happens :)

** Ted-95 GSX **
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