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Automatic vs Manual ECU question

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K I have a 90 eclipse gsx which is my race car (5 speed with non eprom ecu) and i have a 92 plymouth laser rsT (automatic with eprom ecu) beater. i want to take the eprom ecu out of the laser and put it in my eclipse when i get dsm link. i found someone that will trade me the 390cc injectors out of the laser for some 450s. my question is when i get the injectors installed will the laser drive fine if i put the manual transmission ecu in it? does the ecu have anything at all to do with how the transmission shifts (i guess not since theres a tcu)? i may put a 14b on the laser as well to get rid of the 13g.
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Until you get the chip reprogrammed, you will need to run the 390cc injectors for it to work perfectly. I don't believe the 390's will support full boost on the 14b. Socket the ECU, get the chip flashed for larger injectors, and you will be better off. But it will work fine for now at average boost levels. 14psi max?
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