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autometer gauges.....

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has anyone had experience with installing the boost and oil pressure gauge from autometer, its the ultra lite series.....the only parts i have for the boost is a t nipple.......and for the oil pressure gauge i have a sender and small tubing....where does that go?....and on the back of both gauges there are the same gold screw fittings.....how do i run a line from them??please help, never did gauges be4
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here you go...and for anything else DSM, look around that site.
i didnt see anything for oil pressure on the vfaq, so ill help out, you tap it at the oil filter housing, if you look on it there is a snesor already, u can get a t for that or there are 2 other allen head bolts you can get ur pressure from
tahnk you...and is that where my tubing would be ran from up to the gauge??my gauge didnt come with any fttings, where can i get these??
vlg2k2 said:
where can i get these??
home depot carries just about everything you'd need, I had to make an extension for my oil pressure gauge because the hose supplied wasn't long enough. I ran mine to where the stock sending unit is...just used a brass T inlet fitting and screwed it all together..that way the stock gauge still works as well...Not a hard install at all..good luck!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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