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axle rose

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on my 92 tsi awd, i am currently working on taking out the tranny. and i have taken off the starter,intake piping,bov,battery and tray and some of the wires etc., and i was wondering where do i disconnect the axle from? is it back by the rear diff. and if so would i have to remove those like round rubber things that hold the drive shaft in place? i dont know what theyre called but theres 1 by the torque converter and i believe 2 or 1 more that hold and let the shaft spin freely. i hav been referring to a chiltons manual but it doesnt say anything about this step..........just help me please
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i drop the driveshaft by taking out the transfer case. After the transfer case is off you disconnect the 2 front axles. Dont forget to take off that little triangular piece of subframe on the passenger side, with it gone makes droppin the tranny easier.
hey.....when i got under the car the down pipe is in the way so i should have to take that off....huh? its jus kinda difficult cuz everything underneath of this car is rusted
yes you need to remove the down pipe if its in the way, did you look at the vfaq for the tranny removal?, thought i would mentioned it just in case you havent.
wat the hell is the vfaq?
vfaq.com, there are pictures and descriptions of step by step proceedures for repairing your car.
tsiawdeuce said:
wat the hell is the vfaq?
damn newbies... you should look at the intire site before you can back and ask us other questions
i1nk83 said:
damn newbies...intire site before you can back and ask us other questions

"come back"?

hehehe..."damn newbies" :rolleyes:
hey fuck you guys that wanna be assholes! i just wanted to know what to do in a hurry! i didnt feel like searching the whole site looking for someone who asked the same questions. and if there is someone who asked the same question about what i first asked then fuckin tell me where its at and quit leavin messages about a damn newbie!
My post was directed at the poster whom I quoted.
Here is a direct link to the vfaq page, this will walk you through a whole clutch change. When we did my clutch we dropped the supports from underneath the car, dropped the transfer case and the driveshaft slips right out of there. You will want to drop your downpipe as well. (I'm a 2G guy, so it'll be a bit different)


You'll honestly find stuff much faster by simply searching the forums though. It'll save you waiting for people to answer your posts and let you learn on your own.

Check out the rest of the vfaq.com page as well. Alot of useful information there.
thanx a lot cbilmer that helps me a lot even though im not taking out my clutch because its an automatic. but now i know i gotta take off my downpipe and transfercase. and to that icgerms dude i wasnt callin u an asshole it was the other dude...........but thanx to everyone for their help!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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