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[b] Best TURBO for 2.3 Stroker?[/b]

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I'm buying an ffwd 2.3l stroker long block with stage 3 &1/2 head, and custom internals, was wondering how big of a turbo this can support.
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Use a small t4. I wouldn't even mess with a mitsu turbo. Garretts are by far cheeper and will last longer. http://www.turbocalculator.com/sale-garrett.php Check out these turbo's, they are remaned by garrett. Very good quality shit. Cheep.
"cheep" is spelled cheap... cheap and good quality dont belong in the same sentence, especially talking turbos
that is actually pretty "cheep" but they are rebuilt turbos.
Ok this could turn out into a war. So i will solve it all get a FP 3065 :D or a PTE 50 trim like im getting (in your case a 60 trim)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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