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Bad Timing= Broken valve= destroyed piston and head

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ok so how did this happen as well as how do i prevent as well as do i fix.

i own a 92 eagle talon tsi with a 6 bolt engine from a 90. i was driving after a rebuild and the engine just stopped dead. upon pulling off the heaad i found the valve had busted off and destroyed the head and piston. what do i do. i know the head is toast already got new one. do ireplace one piston or all four. do i replace something in timing to prevent this from happening again??????????


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Make sure the cylinder walls are ok, but I would throw a set of pistons in it since one is kinda pointless.

If all of the timing belt parts are brand new, I would inspect them thoroughly and always double check the tensioner clearance after you have completed the timing belt install.
clearance? can you elaborate. the car ran flawlessly for about a week
When you do a timing belt the auto tensioner should have a certain amount of "clearance" i guess you could call it. Basically you measure how much the rod sticks up. Should be around 4mm. To much and you can jump timing, to little and it can be to tight.
is there any place to see a timing setup video or pictures
+1 For VFAQ.com. One of the best places to get info.
Yes, vfaq has helped me out many of times. If you have not done so, you should look over the site b/c it may help to know where to find some answers in the future.

I hope I was just not clear with what I meant by 'clearance' and you checked the distance between the tensioner and the idler.
how exactly do you check the 4 mm timing tension. and also can i just throw a head in off another dsm is there anything i should do to it other than a reebuild
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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