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bad vibration above 5000rpm, and general vibration all the time

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about a month and a half ago, somehow, the wheel studs on my front passenger side, snaped, causing the tire to fall off, and that side of the car down to the ground luckily it happened while pulling into my driveway. after the usual dsm struggle, i got to the studs and replaced them. fast forward, about 2 weeks ago, i was driving spiritidly, but i dont think i was at WOT accelerating down the hiway. and i all off a sudden im not sure what happened, i know i wasnt at redline, around 5000 and the engine got supper loud, i didnt happen to see what the RPM's did. but i quickly let off. after thatthe clutch felt weird and a few times it almost felt like it was being blocked from going all the way down to the floor. i hadnt taken it past 4500rpm until the other day, bad vibrator and a kinda knocking sound. im very hesitant to keep doing it as im afraid i'll do something really bad to the car. yesterday i was putting on my winter tires and discovered the passenger CV boot has tore and shot grease everywhere, it wasnt making a clicking sound so i had no idea until i saw it. could all these things be related? anyone have any thoughts? my tranny was rebuild a year ago, along with replacing the clutch. and a few months ago somehow a bolt on the tranny came loose, and was causing the slave to push out the tranny, and not fork. it was fixed, but maybe related?

im pretty desperate for help, winter has just come today, some work i can do on my own, others i have a trusted mechanic.

thank for taking the time to read this.
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grinding noise at high throttle

no body has any idea's on this?
its awd, today i had my front passengrt cv axle replaced, im pretty sure it rid the vibration, but at 5000rpm i get a bad grinding sound, it didnt sound like it was from the front this time tho, more, middle to back on the right side..
take a close look all around where the tranny bolts to the engine make sure everything is tight and that nothing is broken
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