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balance shaft belt, need a quick answer

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my friend's 90 gsx broke the balance shaft belt the car still runs but it's about 5 miles from his house, is it going to hurt anything driving the car like this 5 miles?
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I'd tow strap it. Not worth the risk. Don't start the engine. The balance belt may wrap itself around the main timing belt and then... well.. you know. :)
well my friend fixed the balance shaft belt and found the timing belt is 5 teeth off, he fixed the timing the car runs but has no bottom end power, he describes it as "choppy" and it still runs like crap... the timing belt and balance shaft belt had less than 10k miles on them too.... I thought if these engines were 3 or more teeth off then it's going to bend some valves? please don't say it's so, the head also has 10k miles on it and was a used head.
Check the compression. From your description, it still sounds like the cam timing is off.
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