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These are some pics from the meet we had this weekend. Turnout was not huge or anything but there was some good drinking and partying done at the campout on friday night and then a great dynoday hosted by Racing Greed in British Columbia, Canada

Was intended to be a "mitsu" meet but not many ppl signed up from MPF forums. BCDSM and friends saved the day! (even though not many DSM's showed up for the campout).


The campout area. Overhead views

A buddys evo III clad Evo I (genuine JDM evo)

My cars

Rally cars unite!

Moar shots!

11 second DSM (SMIC and EIII 16G with lots of meth injection)


JDM RHD Galant Vr4 V6 twin turbo

Cruising shots

coffee break (to cure hangovers from previous nights partyin)

Pics at the dyno (Racing Greed Mustang Dyno)

Thats all folks!
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