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98' Eclipse GSX, has a 20g turbo and basic bolt ons

What's the bare minimum i'll have to do fuel wise to safely increase the boost from stock setting? I understand without AFR numbers this is only an estimate.
Drivability is important to me as well as avoiding pre mature engine and turbo wear.
Would it make sense or be beneficial to add a Walbro 190 pump without adding injectors or would I need to add slightly larger injectors too?

I don't want to have to get an ECU and all the expensive tuning equipment, just wanna add a little fuel and up the boost a little to feel more of the turbos potential. I've heard of ppl using a MAFT to tune injectors up to 650 or so...I don't even think I would want to go that large.

Thanks for any input.

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650cc would be the minimum and that is with gasoline only, no E85. You need to invest in something to tune. This is not an option. Your stock tune is programmed to see stock airflow so it can provide the adequate fuel/timing advance calibration. When you run beyond this airflow, you run into issues that need to be corrected or alleviated. The proper way is through tuning. Do 650ccs/255lph fuel pump....an AFPR would be good as well. Find a chipped ECU. There are many options. I personally like ECMlink the best.
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