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belt tensioner

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i was told my sqeal from my new belts might be the belt tensioner going bad...yes it has been tightened and still does it..is there anyway to check if thats what it really is before i have to go spend $140??
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Check the alt or p/s belts first, they can squeal if loose. I've only heard a squeal from a timing belt when the tensioner pully was installed wrong and bound on the bracket.
yeah ive checked the alt and p/s belts and they are tightened to what the book says...still having the sqeal between 2k and 3k rpm...its driving me nuts! any other idea to what it could be?
is the squeal when you first start it, when you turn, when you turn on the ac? More details please. If a belt is worn it doesnt matter how tight it is, it might still squeal.
the only time i notice the sqeal is when im taking off from a stop or going at a low speed and hitting the gas.
forgot to mention..the belts are new and had them tightened to what the book says
Your alternator belt is still too loose. Tighten it some more.
corder84 said:
the only time i notice the sqeal is when im taking off from a stop or going at a low speed and hitting the gas.
That makes total sense, that is when the biggest change in belt speed with load occurs. Belts do not slip going down in speed in my experience.
You can buy belt dressing at an automotive parts store but that is more of a bandaid than a cure. Chances are one of the acc belts is still too loose. An overtight belt will also cause pulley problems too so watch out for that. Good luck :)

PS A timing belt squealing :confused: , that is TOTALLY bad :eek:
My belt started doing the same thing and i tried getting them tighter then it spoke and now it does it all the time when i start it and im not even on the gas
What about grease/oil on the belts or pulleys? Even with a new belt that could make it slip and squeal.
i took the car to have it checked out and was told the noise was coming from my aem intake...the mechanic said he had an intake on his durango and did the same thing...could this be the cause?? what does an intake leak really sound like??

And I launched a dipstick last night...
Oil everywhere.
The belts hiss when drenched. They don't squeal.
TRUST ME... I had atleast a 1/2 quart on the top of my engine, partially smoking~on fire~or in the valve cover, and a good fluid streak on the hood where the belts were throwing it. :rolleyes:

Now I've launched a Bov, and a dipstick... (2g UIP w/1g bov) :rolleyes:

To get a high pitched whistle out of an intake leak with some volume it has to be small and shaped right. Take the intake off and check it if you agree. Chances are if you take it off and put it back on, you'll fix it without even finding it.
i took the intake off. i checked it and cleaned it and it still is making that noise...thought about using that heat wrap and seeing if that stops it. whatever is it its driving me nuts :eek:
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