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Bent intake valves, now what?

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I heard some horrible knocking from my car and then my car wouldn't start a few weeks ago. So right after, I did a compression test. After bad results, I decided I probably bent some valves. When I pulled my head, it is quite evident that every single intake valve was knocking against my pistons because there are little indentations right where the intake valves come down and that explains the knocking noise. I now need advice on what I should do. I definitely need new valves, but what do you recomend, taking my head to a machine shop? Getting a new one that is rebuilt online and by who? Just replace the valves? Replace the whole head? If you could please help on any information me I would really appreciate it, this is my only car, so it's really not just a project that can be sitting around. Thanks.
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I bent most of my valve due to my uncle fixing my car and not setting the timming right. So what I did was take it to a machine shop and have them rebuild the head and do a valve job. now all am doing is waiting for the head gasket to come in and get the head put back in.
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