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Best prices on slotted rotors?

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I'm trying to find front slotted rotors for my '95 TSi. I was wondering if some of you could tell me what brand you went with and where you ordered them from. Thanks!
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PowerSlot is probally the cheapest. Just about all of the big DSM vendors you go too they are going to be $150 to $160 for 2.
Your not just buying slotted ones for looks right? :confused:
thanks TS1AWD.
Funwheeldrive, bought them for a little better performance/looks.
Unless its a track car youll probably see a decrease in performance compared to regular high quality rotors.
I got my Powerslots from Summit Racing, had the best price at the time.
all the feedback we get from our customers about the brembos we sell have been great. no cracking or warping. ofcourse most people buy them for the look. I can say that after running a similar setup on all of my own DSM's that they are worth while.
I know soo many hate ebay. I however have gotten great deals on ebay. As far as rotors, i got a set of brembos for 100 for the front and 115 for powerslots in the rear. Mind you that these came with axxis metalmaster pads too. You just need to look around and do your research as to not become a victom of a rip-off. There are a lot of clones on ebay so do be cautious.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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