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BigBoostDSM's Ride

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Well, I had a huge story about my DSM career but somehow the page refreshed on me and I lost it all :mad: :tat: :tat: :tat:

I bought my first DSM when I was 17, crashed it on my 18th bday:

Bought my 2nd DSM a month after I crashed the first one:

Went through 3 motors in the new one, all stupid errors on my part. Finally got a good motor in then put a 50 trim on it. Ran it like that for a month, realized I needed a reliable car at this point in my life and parted out the dizzum. It was a sad day, but it went to another Moderator here Iceman21 (Mike). At least I know it's got a good home now.

A few pics of the DSM over the past couple years:

With a 667whp 300zx:

One of my parts cars:

Race seat in the dizzum:

50 trim installed:

Then I got a new car. It's a 2001 Harley Davidson edition F-150. I absolutely love this truck! I got the non/sc one because I'm broke and it's what I could afford. I plan on buying a stock lightning supercharger and bolting it on for a little extra power. I miss my DSM, but I just am not financially able to keep it at this point in my life. Maybe someday I'll have another one.
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got any pics of the sc installed? n did ur gfs dad do that turbo install?
got any pics of the sc installed? n did ur gfs dad do that turbo install?

SC has been on the back burner since I bought a condo... Now exgf, so I have no idea :rofl:
I LOVE the 1G's....pure, old school, sex

I like how this thread has gotten bumped every January for the past 3 years :rofl:

Anyways, only thing I've added to the truck over the last year is a yakima rack and a few maintenance things. The front Drivers side caliper bracket was replaced because one of the sliding pins that allow the caliper to float was seized and it fucked up my pads/rotor on that side. I replaced the rear brakes at the same time, still need to put new ebrake pads in but I'm putting that off till the spring since I never use the ebrake anyways.

Literally took this pic 15 minutes ago... Needs cleaned pretty badly but the weathers not allowing that :eek:

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Nope. He denied everything and claimed that he didn't help me at all :rolleyes:

Oh well, you live and you learn. That rebuild had cost me a total of 300 dollars because all I replaced at the time were the gaskets and bearings. To be honest, I wish I had of just kept the motor with the crack in it. It ran PERFECTLY. I mean, it was smooth and quiet. Even with the crack in it.
Uh,oh. You know what that usually means. Imaginary friends?
Uh,oh. You know what that usually means. Imaginary friends?
No, I don't know what that usually means.
Hey boss, take a look at Nloc and Lightning rodder great people over there and many have done the swap you are looking to do.
Yea I know. I've been on NHTOC and NLOC since I bought the truck. I'm not worried about my mechanical ability to do the job, I'm worried about how much money it takes :eek:
61 - 68 of 68 Posts
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