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black 1g with bronze rims?

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anybody have a pic or something of a black 1g with some bronze volk or similar rims? i'm thinking i am gonna paint my laser black with a stock cf hood and some bronze rims, just curious to see if anybody's done this and how it looks.. also, anybody know where i can find a talon rear wing assembly? thats pretty much all i'm doing to this one, is the wing, cf hood, black paint, and rims and a prokit drop.
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hahn makes a nice turbo kit for under what you will be paying for all that, but if that's what you want then I think that your car would look better then most civics I see around here, what kind of paint are you thinking of using for the rims? I think bronze would look good against the black but it's all in what paint you use and how you pant it.
well i was planning on just getting rims that were bronze already. like the volks. but volks are way out of my price range.. that was just an example. the paint job wont cost me too much, just the cost of the paint and supplies basically, i have alot of friends in the car painting business. :D definitely not skimping out on it though, lots and lots of clear for sure. :cool: i am not going turbo with this car probably ever.. i have a 87 mustang coupe that is faaaaaaaaar faster then that hahns turbo kit could ever make the laser go. :p :D this is just my daily driver, i just wanted something different that looks tight. i already have the hauling ass car, just want something that looks sweet and still gets 30-35 mpg. :cool: so nobody has any pics of the car i described? can somebody photoshop it? please?!
I've got pictures of a white car with bronze volks on it.

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you wouldnt happen to want to sell those rims or the wing would ya? i see that you're in waco.. i live in temple.. know anybody with the hook up on dsm parts around here? later bro.
If you want a wing for a 1G off of a Talon I can hook you up. I've got the one from my car laying around. PM me if you really want it. It's faded but you said you have painting buddies right?
heres a pic of a 1st gen with bronze rism I thought looked pretty nice

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