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Boost Creep(overboost) after intake install.

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I have a 90 gsx. I built a homemade intake from 3" pvc pipe and couplers. After i got it all installed i go and drive it and 2nd gear boost goes up until i hit fuel cut! very scary. I have my mbc screwed all the way in. I have the airbox cut so that it just holds the filter and mas thats it. Im going to try and put the acordian tube back on and see what happens. Right now im venting(no place to put vent tube in the pvc pipe) Any help would be great.
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try screwing the boost controller out to lower the boost, seeing as how thats how it works. and please quit venting
Hmm Ok, i do feel dumb. Ill give it a shot, how far out can i go without the darn screw falling out? If you know what i mean. I also have another problem now, my waste gate arm keeps popping off. There is no clip or anything there. Any ideas on how to hold it on.
and as far as the venting goes. I never do. But i built the intake to see if it would work first, then later ill try to tap into the pipe to hook my hose up, promise :)
My Turbox's MBC says that screwing the adjuster in a counterclockwise direction increases boost (that is screwing it out) and clockwise decreases. That is how mine works. Got the directions right in front of my and i tried it to make sure. I put the old acordian hose on it also and it runs fine, right around 12psi until i turn the boost up.
With your waste gate arm unattached, you may be overboosting without realizing it. Do you have an aftermarket boost guage? I would suggest using a cotterpin, or in a pinch a paperclip to hold your flapper arm onto the actuator rod. This happened to mine, though I never hit fuel cut.

Compressing the spring on your boost controller will increase the psi you are able to boost to, can you take apart your boost controller to see whether you are compressing the spring?

Venting your BOV has shown to make DSMs run fairly bad alot of the time. Fix the above mentioned things, see what that does. How high are you turning your boost up to to hit fuel cut?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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