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boost gauge broken?? HELP!!

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i just bought a used 52mm mechanical greddy boost gauge. the backlight work, but it won't read anything.. the needle sits past 2.0 bar when the car is off, at idle and even when i am driving it won't even flinch.. doesn't move no matter what i tried. i made sure all the wires were ok and i checked the boost sensor thingy for leaks but i couldn't hear anything.. any suggestions??
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anyone??? i know somebody has to know if i did something wrong or if this thing is just broke..
It sounds like it's just broke. There isn't much you can do to a mechanical boost gauge to make it stick at 2 bar.
even if it stuck that way when the car is off?
In my AutoMeter's case if the light bulb went a bit too deep in its hole, it would hit the needle and won't let it move.
Also, check your vacuum/boost line that goes to the gauge itself.
Something might've gotten stuck in the line on the way to the gauge.
^^^ something might have gotten stuck?? like it may have a snag or something like that?
ok changed the tee fitting and it now works.. but for some reason it only wants to work when i turn the parking lights on.. i wired the red and orange wire to the + power coming from the cigarette lighter. the blakc to the ground, and the white to the light bulb for the cigarette lighter.. could that be my problem???
come on guys!! i know it has something to do with the white wire (parking light line +). so where do you greddy boost gauge guys have yours hooked up to??
You wired the illumination to the light for the cigarette lighter not the lighter itself probably. That only comes on with the parking lights.
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