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Boost Leak Tester Results...

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Ok well i hooked my boost leak tester up after drving home from work to check everything out and make sure everythings ok, well on my boost gauge i run 14 psi, and 19 in of vac at idle and 25-26 at deaccel. well after i hooked it up i cant find my fricken air tank so i settle for my dads plug in air pump and just give it a shot, i hook it up and run it for a while only getting 10 psi i quickly shut it off and listened.

I got hissing from my stock BOV (2G junk) and thats all the hissing but i heard bubbleing sounds from the oil? it was like bloop bloop bloop and fadded off untill pressure was gone, it didnt hold pressure but its not leaking well? It was at 10psi and went to zero in about 15 seconds. im confused on whats going on? because its boost strong holds vaccum great, and has low miles 70k on stock motor with only mods being gauges, SAFC 2 (for later use) BCS nipple removed, open intake filter, and intake pipe. someone with some input help thanks :mad:
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find that air compressor/tank. Then you can start the great boost leak hunt.
oil bubbling is normal...And 2g crapper valve not holding boost!! NO way!! :rolleyes:
yeah i know 10 psi and leaking great, good thing i got my type s on the way. well so i dont have to worry about the 15secs of holding or the oil bubbling? thanks for your help and when i get my tank out again what should i test it @ i usually do around 20 psi but people say i can do more but the BOV i block off (STUPID THING) :confused:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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