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Boost leak?

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My boost is still fluxuating a lot. I just installed extremes FMIC kit, and it still does it. The only places that its leaking from are the nipples off the throttle body and the idle screw. I've never seen a idle screw leak before, but it does. The car also tries to stall out any time you rev it in N or P.
Would it matter if I hooked my MBC to the CBV vaccum line? Also the turbo takes forever to spool compared to before (the FMIC kit). It doesn't hit full boost until like 4200rpm. It does sound like my exhaust is leaking, but its after the O2 housing.
Someone please help.

Mods are:
EvoIII 16G turbo(ported, 34mm Wastgate flapper), MHG, 3 inch tig welded turbo-back exhaust, 450cc injectors, Supra TT fuel pump, WAI, Man. boost controller, Evo 3 Exhaust manifold(ported 7cm), M/T ECU, Slow-Boy Racing tubular O2 housing, Fully gutted out, GM 3" MAF, MAFT, 3" Intake Pipe, Magnacore 8.5mm wires, 3rd Gen Revised Lifters, Dejontool Compressor Elbow,Extreme FMIC kit, IPT A/T "Boost Controller". IPT Custom High Stall TQ Converter
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you don't have the nipples on the TB blocked off?
Yeah, but the plugs were leaking... I just replaced them 5 mins ago. Seems to run a little better, but the car still wants to stall and the boost is fluxuating.
Oh, and my vaccum while in N or D is at around 18ish.

Thanks for the fast response. :cool:
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