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Boost Question

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I just purchased a 91 Tsi. It is modded pretty good with an upper IC pipe, Evo3 ported and clipped turbo, 2g manifold, walbro fuel pump, port and polish head, upgraded valves plus more (all that for $2750!). What I want to know is how much boost can I run with out damaging internals.
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Whaaaaa :eek: That is amazingly cheap, I bought my stock 91 TSi for 5,700 but this is canadian...is there a catch?

EVO 3's can run 20+psi of boost...but with the right supporting mods it will be much better for the car. No FMIC yet?
I wouldnt run anything more than 18psi.

What size injectors. Didnt see anything bout those.

I have a compleltly built motor pistons/rods/bearings/apr studs and I rarley take it to 20+..

Keep it 16-18psi..
Without a FMIC,fuel mods, and tuning....I wouldnt push it past 16 psi.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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