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Bosch O2 sensor wires way too short

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I looked up the part number on-line at various websites and they all have Part #15704 listed as the correct Bosch O.E. replacement sensor for my '95 TSi. I went to two different Autozones and 1 O'reillys and they come up with that exact match. However, the wires on all of them were at least 6-8 inches shorter than the stock one? Everything about the Bosch O2 sensor is different.

Has this happened to anybody else? Is my year a "weird" year. Should I be asking for a '94 and older O2 sensor?
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Just order one from a reputable DSM vendor and stop worrying.
Well, I went back to Autozone and the guy working there let me go through the different O2 sensors for our cars. The '97 Bosch Front O2 sensor/wires matched mine perfectly! The bad part was it was $130 compared to $53 for the '95 model. I'm just going to order one on-line to save some $$.

I just typed this out in case somebody else ran into this same problem.
my buddy got a bosch o2 also. The wires were too short too. We just cut the wires off the factory o2 and wired them together with the new wires.
Works fine
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