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I've talked to many people about BOVs and they all say differently. About 30 percent say that "Oh, a BOV will make your engine run rich while your shifting, it has long lasting effects on your engine, especially with your idle". Mayb 20 percent say absolutely DON'T get it done, and then 50 percent say that it's fine. What do you all think? Personally I love the sound of a BOV, that's what means a turbo in my mind, but if it screws up my engine I don't wanna go that route. Any help?
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dont you have a 91 gsx?? they come with a stock BOV because all turbos need a blow off valve and BOVs are essential to the whole set-up !!-if anything an aftermarket one would be better for your car especially if you wanna upgrade, but a 1g bov can take alot of heat...
Ya sorry, I forgot to say aftermarket BOV. I'm lookin' at either a Greddy type S or a TurboMasters Supersonic BOV. If I get a bigger BOV on the car (no turbo upgrades) will it screw up my engine?
It will only screw up your car if you vent to the atmosphere. You need a recirculation kit for any BOV in our cars due to it using the Karmen (sp?) system. Recircing a BOV does not mean that you cannot hear it though, it is just not as loud or high pitched. Having at least a metal intake pipe can help magnify the sound output. I believe there is a mini-faq on the vfaq.
honestly the 1g bov is one of the best out there.
So I shouldn't buy an aftermarket BOV? I'm really new into the whole DSM and especially Turbos soo ya help is appreciated. I'm putting a Dejon Tool cold air intake with 3" piping on it. If I keep the stock BOV and put the intake on it, will you still be able to hear it? I guess what I'm asking is, I want people to be able to hear down the block by the BOV lol, hows the best way to do it?
i have a 1g bov, it makes a good whoosh sound, and if your spooling it sound cool with my dejon intake pipe, but greddy type S can sound mean if you have a good exhaust set-up. IMO i love to hear DSMs, Wrxs, VR4s EVOs and SRT4s with low grumbling exhausts and that pshhhiink!
Ya I'm buying an HKS Hi Power cat back, it's gonna sounds damn sexy, but if it doesn't have a loud blow off valve it wont :( So if I do buy that TurboMasters Supersonic BOV how do I recirculate it? How much does that cost? And what is "spooling"? Also, how are you liking your Dejon intake?


These threads will never die!

btw: I severely doubt that turbosmart bov will recirculate...A recirculation tube is that rubber piping that leads from your stock bov outlet to the side of your stock intake<-----you see that?? You want to get a bov that will be able to retain that....The 3" intake should help increase the bov-release noise (pssshshhhh)...

Also it will increase the sound of your 14b spooling (self-explanatory...turbo's make power from spooling :p )

So I'm pretty sure I already searched it, and couldn't find anything guy. Isntead of yelling at someone who JUST signed up on the forums, how about being somewhat helpful and point me in the right direction so I can stop making these "REPETITIVE NOOB QUESTION THREADS!!"?
the intake is pretty cool and low budget, its very good for how much i payed for it but im having a boost leak problem now so i cant really tell the difference, but it does slightly improve thesound of the turo and blow of valve-
BTW-"spooling"=the turbo building up, sucking in-i dont know how to say this,--help me out guys!

P.S. if you cant find a cheap after market BOV, dont waste your money on it and stick with the stock...

and dont worry about not knowing this stuff, you gotta learn somehow and someday but do try VFAQ.com or even yahoo/google
Alright well thanks for the help. Now my last question is what do you guys have for a blow off valve? Is there any BOV that is as loud as possible while still recirculating? I've seen some of the guys on here talking about their BOVs, so any help on what I should get? Right now I'm looking at either a GReddy type RS ( i'm wondering though, can this be re-circulated?) and the Turbonetics Raptor. Thanks for putting up with my "noobness"! :)
get a greddy type S. does its job and for a newbie this is the BOV your going to need anyway because most of them dont recirculate and unless ur running a gm maf or standalone u shouldnt run a non recirculating valve. just get the greddy ull be happy with it. it sounds better than all the other ones anyway next to the Tial but thats not a recirculating valve.
So all the GReddy's recirculate? Cuz like I put ( I had to edit it, my bad) I'm looking at the type RS, but what makes the S different?
oh and not only does the greddy sound nasty. i managed to build 28psi with mine when i went to run race gas on my old 20g.
the RS is just a redesigned valve. just to refresh the old look. GEt a type S!!!!!!!
Even if I like the pretty blue color of the type RS? But seriously, what's the difference between them? ANd just to make sure, the type S recirculates right?
DMS_STD said:
So all the GReddy's recirculate? Cuz like I put ( I had to edit it, my bad) I'm looking at the type RS, but what makes the S different?
Greddy bov's:

-The type-s can be recirculated back using the stock vent tube
-The type-rs can be recirculated also but needs a special recirculation tube that you have to purchase seperately
-The type-r is way out of your league considering it is meant for high boost applications anyway, but it has no outlet for a recirculation tube so you can't hook it up safely even if you did get it for some reason

I gaurantee you won't get the turbonetics bov's to hook up to your intake, so I would not get them...Plus, I have no knowledge of how well they hold boost...Most cheaper aftermarket valves can't hold much more than 18-20psi at the most...A 1g stock one could do that!
DMS_STD said:
Even if I like the pretty blue color of the type RS? But seriously, what's the difference between them? ANd just to make sure, the type S recirculates right?
The type-S model's are proven, but now almost out-dated...The Type-RS 's are just as nice, and I agree they look pretty flashy...They also have their own unique sound, slightly different than the type-s signature...

A used type-s could be had for roughly ~$100....They are proven, just know they do also have their fare share of surging problems...Nothing a little playing around with the adjustment screw can't fix tho :cool:
Alright, thanks for the help guys. A Greddy type S it is. A type S can recirculate into a metal intake right? I know it most likely can, I jsut want to make sure. And do I have to buy a flanger or whatever for it so I can put it on or am I good just to buy the BOV?
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