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Brake Pedal Switch

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Does anyone know if the auto vs manual has a different brake pedal switch? Car was an auto and was converted to a manual by previous owner. I recently found out my brake lights arent working, look under the dash and bingo...however the 4 wire connecter that appears to be it is very so slightly different. (Yes I removed the weird black cap that was connected to it, it's almost like a "dead end, blanking cap")

Can anyone show the wiring diagram for the connector so I can rough in wires to make sure this is the proper connector before cutting it and hard wiring it with splices?
It's got a red, blue, and two green wires. I may even be able to just buy the proper brake switch that fits the connector instead of messing with the wiring...or just use a dremel to make the connector fit. It has the correct contacts and everything I just want to confirm the colored wires are in the right spots for the switch.
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First thing, you need to state what year and model your car is. It's a little hard to come up with the correct wiring diagram not knowing what car this is.
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