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bronze rims on a black 98 gs?

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i was thinking about painting my rims bronze on my black 98 gs i was just wondering what you guys, and/or gals think about how it would look.
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ewwwww no way yuck!!!!! black car=black rims in my opinion. but there your rims not mine.
Bronze rims can look pretty sweet on a black car, especially a 2nd gen, I've seen some before and they look really nice, but also it depends on the kind of rims they are, are the entire rims going to be bronze or do they have a polished lip? What kind of rims are they anyway, and are they going to be powdercoated, or just painted. I made the mistake of just trying to paint my rims black and not getting them powdercoated, big no no, they turned out ok but they would of looked alot sweeter if I got them powdercoated. Ive seen the volk racing te37 bronze wheels like the one in this pic on alot of 2nd gens and they turned out looking awesome. Well thats just my .02, hope it helps

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I've been checking out honda boards and have seen alot of black cars with bronze rims. Looks good to me. I was never a fan of black wheel really, especially on a black car. I'd say go for it.
I think it looks good.I say go for it.When in doubt photoshop it.
Black rims are really played out. I think bronze rims on black,white,and maroon cars look awsome. I say go for it!
As long as they're Gram Lites or Volk TE-37s they will look badass, or Rota Subzeros if they make them in an 18".

Go for it, I'm interested in what it'd look like on a DSM.
well...actually i am saving for a turbo kit and so i think im just gonna paint my stockies myself..lol. so what do you guys think about that..if i do them bronze im not gonna have a lip im gonna do the whole rim...oh and i dont have photoshop so im outta luck on that one but it is an awesome idea though. i appreciate the help y'all thanks
you can have some fotoshop it for ya.I don't have PS or i would.OR you can go to tires.com,pick a style close to your wheels,put them on your car so you can have an idea of what it would look like.Like this.

Just save up and get real rims. Paint never holds up on rims and will just chip away and look shitty.

This is how your car would look like with bronze rims (Gram Lites to be specific):
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thanx guy ^ thats what i would of done if i knew how to use the computer :eek:
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