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BSE Block Bearing Flip

This is for a BSE done at the time of the engine build.
This will not be the BSE procedure used while the block is still in the car.
This is not overly complicated to do, just attention for detail needs to be used.

The tools needed are few,
*Decent sized hammer
*The front balance shaft.

There are 2 bearings that need to be flipped to block off the oil galley feed to the bearings.

First is to knock out both bearings, starting with the one in the side of the block by the timing belt.

For a bearing knocker, I am going to use the front balance shaft.
The shaft will be flipped backwards, so the end of the BS that the gear bolted to is inside the block.
To knock out the first bearing, offset the shaft so it is on the edge of the bearing, but not the block.

The trick is to work the bearing out in steps, and not split it in half.

Now the bearing is out, reach inside and pull it out.

Now place the knocker on the inner bearing, this time centered, and knock this one out.

Now both bearings are out of the block, It is time to block the oil feed ports.
Each bearing has to go back in the same bore they came out of. So start with the inner bearing, and rotate it so the hole in the bearing will not line up with the oil galley in the block.

Now place the knocker on the bearing off center, and firmly tap it into place.

Once the install of the inner bearing is done, the knocker can go back in the tool box or the scrap pile.
Now for the outer bearing, balance on the bore, again do not align the hole in the bearing with the oil galley in the block.

Now with the hammer tap it into place, till it is flush with the block.

Now for the bearing on the intake side of the block, what needs to be done with it? Simple, Nothing, there is not an oil galley that feeds it, oil is fed to it through the rear balance shaft right from the oil pump.
So in short, just leave it alone.
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