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BSE: Front Case Prep

It seems that some of the new guys are having a few issues doing a basic BSE.
This is just one step of what needs to be done for a full BSE.

This should show the basic steps needed to prep the front case for a BSE.

The basics needed
*Front case, cleaned
*35mm cup style freeze plug

To start, remove the seals from the front case.
Next will be to plug the front BS hole in the front case.

Tap the freeze plug in with the socket and hammer.

Caution needs to be used not to crack the housing bore of the front case.

Next take the front case and flip it over, and pack the backside of the front case where the freeze plug was installed with RTV.

A bit of oil or spit will allow you to smooth the RTV with out it sticking to your finger.

Use a bit of care to keep the RTV of the gasket surface.

Allow the RTV for several hours before the install
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