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buying a 1g

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i am new to dsm's but have been around and helped work on them for about 2 years now. I am turning 16 this upcoming summer and i am buy a 1g awd TSI. Can you get the 90-91 with the 6bolt and a 4botl rear end or is it only teh lated 92's and up that came with the 4 bolt rearend?
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I think 6/4 bolt only came in 1992. I have 1990 6/4 because somebody swapped 3 to 4 bolt rear-end.
Welcome to the dsm world, I advise you to quickly start looking into getting your first mod...... a daily driver :D
lol yes, beware of breaking down
Wow, this guy sounds exactly like me ;)

I am 15, and my last 90tsi awd was 6/4bolt combo...I recommend you save up a lot of money, say goodbye to your friends, and spend hours researching dsmtalk archives and chilton's manuals when you decide to buy and mod your 1g...

My dizzum was notorious for just breaking down and having cold starts, idle surges, etc etc randomly, so it meant staying home on the weekends to fix it...

I only think DSM's are good choices for 1st driver's if you know a lot about them..If you mod them wrong, drive them too agressively, or just be stupid, you will lose a lot of money on these cars..They ARE money pits...

Just beware, one problem with these cars for young drivers is they have no airbags, they break-down a lot, and they run on 93octane gas, so hopefully you got the time, the money, and the brain...

Good choice, way to represent the young DSM community :D ...give me a PM anytime you got a Question
yah thanks for the info i was pretty sure about the 6/4 but wanted to no for sure. I now a bit bout DSM's and learnin mroe each day. and about modding them correctly my brother is a dsmer and has done a tsi so he can help me mod and tune later on.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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