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Calling all CoolingMist users!

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Hey guys, looking into getting water injection. Ive been checking out coolingmist.com's website and been eyeing up the deluxe single stage kit. Ide like to hear some of your opinions of the kit and your results.

I have a couple questions about their kits. They seem to be pushing thier brass check valves over the seemingly standard solenoid. What have you guys gone with? I dont know what is better. I know aquamist is using solenoids and they are a pretty known distributor of WI.

Basically Im having alot of problems with tuning and knock. Which I think has alot to due with carbon build up. Im going to use some MCCC to get everything clean, but for long term insurance ide like to go with a WI kit for cooler temps and killing carbon.

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I like the kit, works great, but imho the nozzles are shit. I bought it from them on ebay, and since they listed a single kit, but the description was for the 2 stage, i got a 2 stage for the price of a single.

realy nothing to screw up, they just pieced it together from other manufacturers, sureflo kicks ass.

but i would get some aquamist nozzles instead of these pos things that shoot out a stream instead of a fog/mist.

used to run 18psi on a ported small 16g knock free, now @ 24psi on 92 octane.

get some marvel mystery oil for your carbon instead.
What about the check valve VS. the solenoid? anyone?
So guys! Have you gone with the checkvalve or the solenoid? They give you a choice when you buy a kit. What did you go with, and why?
Does anyone have any experience using one of these kits? Im still deciding on wether to get the sol. or check valve. Please let me know what you guys think of this kit.
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