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Calling All DSMs, Galants, 3000GTs, Evos, and Starion/Conquests in AL

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There will be a meet held at the Parkway City Mall in Huntsville on the upper level parking deck. It will be on Saturday, Jan 7 at 4:00. If it is raining that day then we will be in the lower level. This is not so much a meeting as it is a get together so everyone can meet each other and check out each others cars. Everyone is welcome so please try and make. We need a good turnout so we can set up future meets. If you have any questions pm me. See ya there.
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as I said on the local board, I'm there man.
You might get the addition of 3 of us in the near future, my dad lives in birmingham AL, never been there. Is that near your meet? and are there alot of dsm's and all that in birmingham? Im used to detroit.
Just want to remind everyone about the meet, and TSIWarrior to answer your question Im not real sure about the DSM population in Bham but I would imagine that there is a pretty good bit of them though. Huntsville is about 1hr 45min to 2 hr away from Bham.
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