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cam postiton sensor

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does anyone know how to make a cps for a 6bolt bottom with a 7bolt head a can't find how to build one
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do a search! there is a billion topics on it! heres a hint 1g cas :)
don't forget to build an RTL signal inverter for it so you don't have to swap plug/injector wires. the NTE method RRE has on their site is peachy, but an RTL inverter can be made with stuff readily available at any radio shack (now that they've so kindly dropped their logic IC line). all you need is a 7805 voltage regulator, any NPN switching transistor (2N5551 works great), 1k and 15k resistors.

the transistor has 3 leads: collector (C), base (B) and emitter (E). make sure you know what leads are what. it should say on the back of the package they come in.

the voltage regulator also has 3 leads: in (12V), ground and out (5V). typically they run left to right looking at it from the front. again, check the package.

connect the red CAS wire to 12V on the regulator. connect the black wire to ground.

connect the white wire from the CAS to the 15k resistor then to the B terminal of the transistor. connect the 5v output of the regulator to the 1k resistor, then to the C terminal of the transistor. connect your signal out wire (blue wire on 2g CAS harness) between the 1k resistor and the C terminal on the transistor. connect the E terminal of the transistor to ground.

the 1k acts as a pullup resistor, pulling the signal to 5v whenever the CAS signal is turned off. when the CAS signal turns on, current flows from the base to the emitter of the transistor, allowing current to flow from the collector to the emitter, pulling the signal tapped on the collector side to ground.

basically, it's on when the 1gCAS is off, and off when the 1gCAS is on, hence, a signal inverter.

total cost: $5
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yeah i have a 95 tsi i did the 1g head intake throttlebody and cas on my car and it runs rough...... i have heard not to even try it on a 95 to 96 model year car because of the ecu. i might buy a 97 year ecu and do it that way if i have to. so far i have wired it both ways... with the hex inverter and voltage regulator that didnt help me one bit i tried it without and that didnt work either and when you do not use the hex inverter you are supposed to change the spark plug wires around and the fuel injector wires around at the ecu.... i am looking to see if anyone has some insight on the issue as far as 95 and 96s go. ppl with 97-99s have no problems because the ecu can read the 1g cas the way it was intended to be read. i have checked everything on my car and there is nothing wrong with any of my sensors no vacuum leaks compression is good...it makes no sense it almost sounds like car is only running on two cyls at idle.....it has spark on all four but its still not right i have switched the plug wires around and it still isint running right..... ne one have a clue????
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