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Can oil left in the oil cooler from a while back still cause SMOKE?

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Well the engine has compression of about 155 across all 4, newer EVO 16G on it, and I think a good head/valves.

The car smokes only at full boost, usually only in first or 2nd. And it depends on how much I boost it at a time, only if really hard all at once.

I though it might be the PCV valve, but I took it off and blew thru it using my mouth, and shook it. It rattled, did not leak air.

I also noticed the black rubber hose that goes from the intak mani to the PCV valve had a crimp in it. I got the crimp out, and the car actually runs a little faster, and the turbo has more sound to it.

Well I am just curious if I am lucky, maybe there is still some oil left in my intercooler from like before, and it just gets pushed out under heavy boosting.

It seems to only smoke if I boost really har from a low speed. If I let boos tbuild more gradually, I don't see the smoke.

It's making my oil get nasty pretty quickly.

Also I noticed small amounts of oil dripiing around valave cover bolts, and oil cooler. This is what lead me to the pcv valve, thought I might be getting excessive crankcase pressure.

Is there a more thorough test of the PCV valve then just blowing with my mouth and shaking it? I know I can only blow so hard, should I put it on an air compressor to test it?

How long would it take to clear oil out of the oil cooler, say if you previously had an old 14B that was a smoker, in the past? Or from whatever.
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What I meant was how long will the oil still be in there before it's all gone/burned out.
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