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car smoking at WOT..sometimes..

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98 gst 118k miles..no mods at all besides upper IC pipe.. I've noticed during the day if I get on it, I wont see any smoke coming out the back but sometimes at night if someone is behind me, i'll go WOT and can see some smoke from my muffler hitting the cars headlights behind me.. The smoke seems to be kinda grayish close to black... I know these cars run rich but I just want to know if this is "normal" or if something might be wrong. It doesnt smoke at idle or normal driving or eveb at WOT in the day.. maybe I just cant see the smoke in the day. My oil pressure is fine and there are no leaks in the engine bay. The turbo(T25) spools just fine with no noise or hesitation.
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I've been told that my car had a puff of black smoke one night when it was really cold, probably about 35 degrees. I made the dumb decision to get on it rather quickly after starting up instead of letting the car idle and warm up. But the car runs great.
i'd replace the pcv valve, then do a quick oil catch can made from a fram fuel filter run at least 15 inches of rubber hose down towards the ground, make sure you cap off the line fitting where the hose plumbs back into the turbo intake, and your done!!!
If you dont have anything pulling fuel out, then its probably just unburnt fuel.

DSMs try to run in the high 9:1 afr's stock.

You can check your turbo to make sure it doesnt have exessive shaft/thrust play also.

-Dallas J
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