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car wants do die when stopped...HELP???

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ok when i turn my car on i have to hold the gas a little bit for it to idle once i let it go it idles @ around 700 when it should be around 1000 and lets say im driving and let go of the gas w/ car in nuetral the car acts like it wants to shut off and i dont know why .. how can i check to see if my isc is good on the could that be the cause of this can someone please help me with this crazy problem .... any advise would be appreciated thanks

aramis :confused:
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i would say do a compression test. u might not be running on all 4. then try a leak down test. check to see if any vacum lines are not rite. and also check your fuel.

good luck
It could be any number of things. Go to vfaq.com under the intake section you will find how to check the ISC. If that doesn't work just look around that site you probably will be able to narrow down your problem. Just remember when your car isn't running right vfaq.com can be your best friend
Factory idle is 750rpm not 1000rpm.
Check for boost leaks, diagnose the ISC, Set your idle to the correct level or a little higher. Is your bov vented to the atmosphere?
As mentioned, go to the VFAQ to figure out if the ISC is any good.

You can adjust your idle with the BISS (screw on top of throttle body (might still have a cap over it if you are luckier than I)). Turning it out (left) will bring up your RPMs.

I had a similar problem a few weeks ago, but my ISC checked out OK. I adjusted the BISS to bring up the idle slightly for a temporary fix, then replaced a worn rubber o-ring on it and cleaned the throttle body. That seems to have fixed my problem.
thanks for all your help guys im going to work on it with these feedbacks so i will post soon with what happen
also i have been looking for the vfaq so i can diagnose the car but i cant find it anywhere can someone guide me in the right direction so i can find it also yes my bov is vented but im running a vpc and afc setup
try cleaning the PCV unit if they these cars have it. But from my work with mitsubishi and crysler cars they all run into that problem. Not the same vehical but my moms plymouth vouager had that problem. when it was runnin you'd have to have the gas on and while movin if you let of the gas it'd sound like it wants to stall so i'd first go w/that. good luck man
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