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car wont start

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hey i really need some help because im tired of pushstarting my car...i have a 97 eclispe rs and it doesnt start if you leave it sitting for a while...a while being as in like 4-5 hours...i usually pushstart it in the mornings and it will start up fine for the rest of the day...im not exactly sure whats wrong...can someone please help???
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Does it turn over and just not start? I had the same issue when my starter went bad. the starter would not turn over unles the car was warm. It would not cold start. Maybe battery also.
CHeck your relay in your center console. No starting situatio can be a result of a couple of things.

1. If the car cranks and doesn't start than its a no fuel or spart situation
2. Car doesn't even crank just sits there but dash lights come on and hear the fuel pump its either a bad connection to the starter, relay or the starter itself.

Those are the most common kinds. I pulled my starter out when I had this no crank problem and the starter was spinning fine regardless. My problem was the car would start sometimes and sometimes nothing just dash lights come on and hear the fuel pump (That means the clutch switch is working). So they I ruled it out to either bad relay that doesn't want to close sometimes or bad connection to starter.
nothing happens...i hear my fuel pump come on and i recently changed my spark plugs and wires but it wont start after i leave it alone for about 4-5 hours...i turn the key to start it and nothing...lights dim and everything is normal...i have been having problems with my connection problems and im almost positive my battery is going dead but it has enough juice to stay charged and start the car when the engine is warm...also i was teaching a girl how to drive a standard and she stalled oput a couple times and the last time she did the car wouldnt start..it wouldnt turn over or anything...my friend got in and pumped the gas a bunch of times and it started...he said the cylinder walls were dry...but thats the only time that happened...is this related to my problem now??...thanks for the help guys...couldnt make it through without you :D
Check your battery. It's not holding a charge. It's slowly draining. If it is 5 years old, replace it.
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