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Car wont turn over?

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A few days ago i was coming home and my car started to stall like it wasnt getting enough gas. Then when I tried retarting it got some clicking so i charged the battery. So today I tried starting my 92 tsi awd and my curse control light, check engine light went on and my temp gauge went right to high as soon turned the key. Then to only other thing that happened was that my raditor fan started spinning and the car sounded like a vaculm and wouldnt turn over. If any one had any input it would be most apperciated.
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Do a compression test, if you are getting good compression then at least you know that it isn't an internal problem.
My friend took a look at it and he said the sound i was hearing was the starter not hitting the fly wheel but that shouldnt have had anything to do with the car shutting down when it was going.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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