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CD player info, will it fit??

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ok i just bought my first DSM its a 2g 1997 eclipse GS, its already pretty modded. but for some reason it has a stock radio, tape player. i have a Pioneer DEH1500 CD deck from a past car. will it fit directly into the eclipse? maby someone could get me measurments of the opening ware the deck would go in at. I dont have the car yet or i would take measurments my self, i have to go pick it up friday
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Yes you're radio will fit. You will not use the pioneers cage or trim ring if you're going to use the factory brackets. Its called iso mount. You might wanna get the Metra pocket 88-00-9000 if it doesnt have a pocket. If you want to bypass that whole mess get the Metra kit 99-7006.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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