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Check out my Alignment Specs

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From the searches I have done, there are many suspension experts that roam this forum. I need to pick your brains if you don't mind.

These alignment specs are for a 92 Laser AWD with Eibach Pro-line springs. The drop is about an inch, give or take. There are camber adjustment bolts up front and nothing installed on the rear. Are these numbers okay because I just bought a set of new tires and want to make sure there will be no premature wear problems.

(I tried to paste the actual printout like other posts I have seen but I got as far as scanning then got lost)

Left Right

0.1 Camber -0.2
-0.01 Toe -0.4
2.4 Caster 1.8


Left Right
-2.0 Camber -1.5
0.08 Toe 0.21

I am not an aggressive street driver but like my ride to have a nice grip on the road. Tread Life is my main concern. With handling coming in a close second. From the searches I have done, the ideal toe for my style of driving is 0, front and rear. I read that the "scrubbing" of toe causes more wear than negative camber. Is my toe and camber okay in the front and rear? I know 1Gs are supposed to have positive camber up front. But my right front has negative camber? :confused: Anything else I need to worry about?

Thanks in advance for any insight or advice
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I can't get the picture to work, but here's the link to the specs....

alignment specs
your caster isnt good it should be the opposit 1.8 on the left around 2.0 on the right depening on the road crown . camber and toe on front is good . but the rear is wacked ,first the camber is a little to much even the specs dont seem right ,unless your carring alot of weight in the rear or plan on it id set that camber at least .02 to.08 and bring that toe in to .05 or less for both sides
A half-degree of front toe-out is not what I'd run on anything but a dedicated autocrosser. I would also want the rear toe up (down?) closer to zero.

With regard to non-adjustables, I would want more front camber and less rear camber.

- Jtoby
Im not sure what .5 degrees translates to in inches, so i wont comment on that. but the rest of it looks about right for a stock lowered suspension

Id definatly try and get the rear toe as close to zero as possible as for the front if your an "average" driver get that set to zero as well. there is no reason why a shop cant get toe settings spot on. Unfortuantly with a 1g your stuck with too much rear camber on a lowered car. as for the front see if they cant dial in as much negative as possible with those bolts. (if your car is like mine was youll get .5-.75 degree neg camber. Honestly youll REALLY appreciate it once its there, and that little bit wont hurt tire wear at all.
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