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Clutch and Idle change

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I'm not sure exactly where to post this but this seems the best. I know theres a dial for how loose your clutch is and low your idle is. Right now my idle is about 1200rpm after taking a couple minutes to warm up... which is still way to high. And I like my clutches to feel like you're pushing air (i.e. it's really light) so does anyone know where I can find these?
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you should be able to adjust the idle down using the BISS screw located on the throttle body.

And I like my clutches to feel like you're pushing air (i.e. it's really light)
However, there is no way to adjust how "heavy" your clutch pedal feels, you can only adjust its engagement point. :rolleyes:
Hm... well I still don't really know where any of this is. And do most people have the engagement point closer to the floor or further away? Any help on a diagram or something please>
First of all, dont bump stuff...People will respond when they get around to it. Especially a question like this.

There is black plug on the front of the throttle body, remove the plug the BISS screw is beneath that.

Clutch-and inch of freeplay on the top and also freeplay on the bottom. Engagement should be centered in the throw.
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