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Clutch/Slave master cylinder help?

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ok this is what happened. I was at a red light, went to put my car into gear but the clutch pedal stuck to the floor board. The pedal had no resistance like it should. Once the clutch was pressed it would not come off the floor board unless i physically picked it up. Also, the clutch fluid leaked out. I am thinking it is the clutch/slave master cylinder? If not, what else could it be?

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Most likely sounds like the slave. I've had numerous problems with mine. Inspect it to see if it's leaking or any of the lines are leaking.
thats it! they are 2 different parts and i would replace with dealer new items both at the same time.
I have the exact same problem as you, constatnly filliing up the clutch fluid. It is the clutch master cylinder/slave cylinder. I plan on swaping my new one in this weekend
sounds like either the slave or the lines. ive had this probelm way to many times myself.
I have a brand new slave I just bought and didn't need.
I bled my lines and its all good now.
Feel free to PM.

I messed with the slave rod while I was under the car and pulled some air in or something. Works better than ever now.
Thanks guys for all the input.
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