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Complete 90 6 bolt motor

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Come and get it and it will include everything.

Head just had valve stem seals replaced.
Brand new OEM timing belt
ARP head studs
Mitsu HG
Cleaned piston tops while head was off.
New valve cover gasket
Brand new ported 2g manifold
14b +$120
Intake manifold
90 oil filter housing and oil cooler +50
fuel rail + injectors
I will have compression results later on today.

Has 120k on block, about 20 mins on head.
All new mitsu gaskets (intake&exhaust)

1200 for the entire engine and whatever else you need in the engine bay(engine harness etc.) Engine is still in car currently so if you wish you can come and drive the car before you buy the engine.

Story behind the car is that I bought it with a blown headgasket, had a head checked and new seals done, put it together and tried to sell it but because of weak paint and its fwd, nobody wants to pay for the mods. And I owe money on the car so swapping it into an awd shell isn't possible.

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Joe- I tried PMing you but your box is full.. Are you parting the shell of your FWD? If so, I need a black driver's side fender for my new project car. PM me a price if you're willing to sell...
The pain is faded on it. if the motor sells, then definately you can have it but I don't want a running car without a fender sitting around my driveway ya know.
ill buy the front bumper off ya if you wanna part the shell out, i could use the corner lights and the little grill piece too let me know [email protected]
Car ended up selling. Lock this and my other thread up. Thanks!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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